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ECOPOP initiative in Switzerland – Like the Swiss their immigration policies … – Sü

ECOPOP initiative in Switzerland – Like the Swiss their immigration policies … – Sü

  • The movement ECOPOP will drastically reduce immigration to Switzerland -. And forward parts of development aid in family planning programs
  • On Sunday, the country’s citizens to vote on the popular initiative from
  • .

  • All parties reject the advance. However, up to 40 percent of voters want to vote “yes”.
  • In addition, votes on which are attached the so-called gold initiative and the abolition of tax benefits wealthy foreigners.

From Charlotte parts

What is ECOPOP?

The name comes from the French words “ecologie” and “population” together. . The movement is about to reduce population growth on environmental grounds

The initiative will be voted on Sunday in Switzerland, is called “Stop Overpopulation – to secure the natural foundations of life”. So immigration is limited to Switzerland with odds and ten percent of Swiss development aid will be invested in the so-called voluntary family planning. This will ECOPOP hoped for a decline in birth rates in developing countries

Swiss initiative ECOPOP trees instead of children

“Birkenstock-racists” – threatens in Switzerland the next vote. And “ECOPOP” is about the same crunch time: How many people can the world? Extreme right-wing and ecological arguments are intertwined. Report

What would change?

However, the quota will prescribe ECOPOP is strictly : Switzerland’s population is expected to grow by only 0.2 per cent each year. That would be 16,000 to 17,000 people. By comparison, 2013, the population increased by more than one percent. End of 2013, ie about 100 000 people lived longer in the country than at the beginning of the year

If ECOPOP succeed, has clear implications. Companies that want to set foreign workers, which could not be more often. Universities should perhaps refrain from the Harvard professor, banking on the CEO from London, the mountain restaurant at the waitress from Brandenburg. Of refugees to mention. Even ECOPOP people give: Economically immigration restriction could be disadvantageous

The agreement between Switzerland and the European Union agreements are therefore void.. They are based on a general movement of persons. Even companies that recruit skilled workers, especially in the European countries would have to change. What about asylum seekers and returning Swiss abroad, is unclear. For the movement always stresses it would apply to net migration. Open to the people who leave Switzerland every year, with in the bill, about 100 000 people could still immigrants annually, so the argument goes. That would indeed be much less than in previous years, but still enough to include any significant labor or political persecution.

Who is behind it?

The roots of ECOPOP lie in the 1970s. At the time, the Club of Rome and many others discussed the limits of growth. For the first time the general public raised the question: How much can our planet is still tolerated? It was primarily to aircraft, cars and large companies, but also to the question: How many people can still live on earth, without causing environmental disaster

The occasion was the strong population growth?. From 1960 to 1974, the number of people was rapidly three rose to four billion.

ECOPOP was then a small working group, startled by these developments, “aware of the relationship between population growth and environmental degradation” the public wanted. In the following years the movement organized repeatedly meetings with titles like “Three children for each Swiss family?” “Immigration policy – to what end?” or “Is evolution the best pill?”.

Even in the early years were among the followers of voices that looked primarily migration to Switzerland as a problem. Even right-wing extremists were at that time there. 1985 declared ECOPOP, you fight overpopulation as such -. And not too many foreigners in Switzerland

But the theme employed foreigners and immigration ECOPOP on. About 1991, the group faced increasing the so-called foreign worker quotas. 2001 examined ECOPOP the Swiss naturalization and came to the conclusion that “the naturalization of Switzerland is so restrictive far as it is shown occasionally in the press.”

With the advent of the Internet grew in the following years the range of ECOPOP. Online surveys gave the movement more ammunition: Again and again presented results showing that the majority of the Swiss against further growth of the population in the country is

2011 decided ECOPOP, the initiative “stop the overpopulation – to secure. to bring the natural foundations of life “for voting. 2012, this has been filed with the support of 120 000 signatures. Were necessary 100 000 signatures

Who is against who it

Such unambiguous rejection is rare.? All major parties of Switzerland, employers, unions, churches, large companies, development aid representatives, artists and cultural workers speak out against ECOPOP

celebrity advocate, the movement also. The retired economics professor Hans Geiger, former National Ruedi Aeschbacher, Philippe Roch, the former director of WWF Switzerland. Members of almost all political parties including -. If Green, Liberal, Conservative or National Christian

What chance does the initiative


ethics expert at Swiss initiative ECOPOP “The feeling: the home is at stake “

The movement ECOPOP will drastically reduce immigration to Switzerland – and linked it quite conservative and ecological arguments. Many Swiss find the good. An ethics professor explains what’s behind the resentment. Interview

According to recent surveys ECOPOP comes to 39 percent approval. Significantly less than the required 50.1 percent. However, it appears at the initiative of an upward trend: In October, the agreement was still at 35 percent. What is still to come: The massive public rejection experienced by ECOPOP, they say in a survey may be more likely no. The anonymity of the vocal booth you dare, however, to tick Yes.

What tune the Swiss still on?

In addition to a variety of local voting it comes at a national level on Sunday also to the so-called gold initiative and the abolition of tax benefits wealthy foreigners.

Especially the gold initiative is debatable. The National Bank was thus obliged to hold one-fifth of their assets in gold back. The institution to vigorously. You would be limited in their ability to act, weakened their position in the world. The markets react nervously to the initiative, whose approval rating but also is less than 40 percent.

The abolition of the tax benefits wealthy foreigners have compared manageable consequences. Only about 5,600 people will benefit from the special rule that allows them not to tax their property or their income, but only their living expenses. In the mountains, where many rich foreigners live, politicians fight back hard against the initiative. About 42 percent of citizens, six percentage points less than in October, will vote against the tax privilege, according to polls.


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