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Collective bargaining at Lufthansa – pilots’ union threatens with new strikes – Sü

Collective bargaining at Lufthansa – pilots' union threatens with new strikes – Sü

  • The negotiations between the pilots’ union Cockpit and Lufthansa have failed again.
  • “From now” had therefore to be expected strike action again, the union said on Friday evening.
  • The train drivers’ union GDL will decide next week whether they again strike the German railway.

Conversations again failed

Lufthansa passengers must by itself set five weeks on strike. The pilots’ union Cockpit announced late Friday that negotiations with the group in the labor dispute have failed again.

“As of now, must at any time be expected strike action at Lufthansa, Lufthansa Cargo and German Wings,” it said in a statement of pilots association. She had her members already eight times

The Lufthansa stressed that she was more willing to talk launched this year for recusal.. “We are convinced that sustainable solutions can only be found jointly and at the negotiating table and therefore continue to rely on constructive talks,” said Lufthansa spokesman Christoph Maier.

Criticism of pilots

The pilots criticized in several rounds of negotiations were no real progress since the last strike in October has been made. Unfortunately, the management of Lufthansa have not taken up the compromise proposals of the pilots and insist on maximum demands, it was said in the statement.

Cockpit spokesman Joerg Handwerg threw Lufthansa ago, fewer solutions than to look for problems , “It became clear that this is not the management to solutions, but rather to impose an autocratic leadership model as the airlines in the Gulf States. In such claims as participation and joint design of tariff terms with the staff have no room.”

The reason for the pay dispute

Since April, the pilots have the Lufthansa strike several times. Lufthansa and cockpit argue mainly to the transitional care for 5,400 pilots at the Lufthansa Group. The airline wants its pilots at the earliest with 60 instead of the current can go with 55 years in the paid early retirement future. The pilots’ union resists.

Also in the web, it could strike type

Also, in the path of the labor dispute could again be stalled. The train drivers’ union GDL will decide next week whether they strike again the German railway. The company expanded in the sixth round of talks in Berlin on Friday, although their offer. GDL chief Claus Weselsky criticized, however, the proposal does not bring the talks continue.

The GDL wants besides more money and a reduced working week to reach above all that they can negotiate for its members in total train staff, not only for train drivers among them. So far the greater Railway and Transport union (ECG) has negotiated collective agreements for the train crew alone.

At a meeting of GDL Main Board and Tariff Commission in the coming week in King Winter proposed to be considered a continuation of the negotiations. For the period from 19 December to 11 January joined the union strikes.


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