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Piëch rejects nieces for Supervisory successor from – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung



          On the Hauptversammlung2014 Ferdinand Piëch was still at the head of VW’s supervisory board



Shortly after Volkswagen has given the family’s internal successors known for the supervisory board, Ferdinand Piëch Firmenpatriarch logs on Thursday night with clear terms of resistance to word. He is, according to a report of “” against the fact that Louise Kiessling (57) and Julia Kuhn-Piëch (34) to move out of the Piech / Porsche clan for him and his wife Ursula in the supreme supervisory body.


The 78-year-old also has the same own candidates ready that he wants to send into the race: Brigitte Ederer, formerly on the board at Siemens and today Chairman of the Austrian Federal Railways, and Wolfgang Reitzle, a former BMW board, Linde CEO and currently Chief Warden at automotive supplier Continental.


According to stock corporation law, each owner, the works council and the company itself court appointment of a supervisory board if a seat has become available in the Control Council. The company is the only even the duty to do so.


As stated in the report of “” miss the event the Patriarch of the two women who are to be promoted with immediate effect to the Supervisory Board, their lack of professional experience in the automotive industry.


Louise Kiesling has to information from family circles to diplomas in fashion design (University of Applied Arts, Vienna) and automotive design (Royal College of Art, London) worked as a designer in Germany, Austria and the UK. She is shareholder and director of several business enterprises, under it there is the textile manufacturer Backhausen GmbH (Hoheneich, Austria).


Julia Kuhn-Piëch lives as large parts of the PS-clans in Salzburg and is property clerk. You already exerts a supervisory role in the VW commercial vehicle subsidiary MAN. She studied law and then at the Technical University of Vienna real estate and property management. She is a daughter of Hans Michel Piëch, who is already sitting on the Supervisory Board and Ferdinand Piëch’s younger brother. His generation has four siblings. The two substitutes come from both the fourth generation of the family.



Ferdinand Piëch and his wife Ursula (58) were resigned More on Saturday after a spectacular battle of wits from their positions , Previously, Ferdinand Piëch had tried to overthrow CEO Winterkorn. Consequently escalated a special meeting of the VW supervisory board, with the result that Piëch conceding a public defeat and then himself came under pressure. After another quarrel among others with his cousin and co-owner of VW Wolfgang Porsche.


The new personal no preliminary decision for the top job of the inspectors is however fallen. The Chairmanship is currently provisionally led by the Vice-chairman of the board Berthold Huber. The former head of the IG Metall will also manage the VW annual general meeting next Tuesday.


The appointment of the two women was carried out at the request of the VW executive board on the district court in Braunschweig. That’s basically only after three months of vacancy the case, “in urgent cases” but also happened earlier. The appointed as substitute members need now, it should not soon be regulated differently, the term of office of Mr. and Mrs. Piëch on – that would be until spring 2017.


From 2016 Supervisory new appointments have to consider a target of 30 percent. Following the resignation of Ursula Piëch initially sat with Annika Falkengren only a Member of Supervisory Board on the capital side. If the pending Nachbesetzung done with men, have future change from 2016 only allowed to run with women -. And it would have been three



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power struggle with VW

Piëch rejects nieces for Board succession from

Shortly after the nomination of his nieces for his successor on the Supervisory Board heralds Firmenpatriarch Ferdinand Piëch a new round in the struggle for power at Volkswagen a , He now sends two own rival candidates in the race.

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