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The Lufthansa the pilots’ union Cockpit in the months since simmering labor dispute an overall settlement offered. After the union had these repeated calls, the company now offers an arbitration of all outstanding collective agreements at.

Lufthansa offers in pay dispute with pilots overall arbitration to

13.20 Clock: The Lufthansa pilots’ union Cockpit in the months since simmering labor dispute offered a total mediation. After the union had repeatedly called for this, the company has a settlement of all outstanding collective agreements now offer, Lufthansa announced Wednesday in Frankfurt am Main. The airline is thus ready yet to start this week with the selection of an arbitrator. The company justified the move in order to try to avoid further strikes.

The Lufthansa had a total settlement previously rejected by its own account on the grounds that not yet had been negotiating all agreements and to unite the cockpit demands contracts are not yet known. While the company would like initially negotiated open topics before the complex questions would be submitted to an arbitrator, said Lufthansa board member Bettina Volkens. “In order to resolve the long labor dispute, we have nevertheless decided to take this step.”

The pilots had repeatedly struck in recent months to put pressure on the Lufthansa in the wage dispute. Central point at issue of the conflict is the pensions of pilots. Lufthansa will in future no longer bear the costs of the so-called transitional care and raise the age limit for it. So far, pilot with 55 years to go to the paid early retirement. Until the statutory retirement age they will get a maximum of 60 percent of their salaries on. Cockpit does not accept the proposed cuts

investors are optimistic ahead of US rate decision

11.35 clock. has the German stock market on Wednesday morning some of its strong previous day losses made up for. The market see the evening pending interest rate decision by the US Federal Reserve Bank is optimistic, they said among stockbrokers. General will not expect an imminent rate hike in the United States – so that the markets could continue to benefit from the flood of money. The DAX gained shortly after the start of trading 0.30 percent to 11 847.37 points, having lost nearly 2 percent on Tuesday.

The index of medium-sized values ​​MDax advanced in early trading by 0.28 percent to 20 975.20 points ahead and the technology index TecDax was about 0.46 percent to 1655.35 points upwards , The euro zone benchmark index Euro Stoxx 50 rose by 0.25 percent.

German Wings sadness and a lot of problems at the Lufthansa Annual General Meeting

10.00 Clock: mourning for the victims of the German Wings crash and the many business problems are the focus Lufthansa Annual General Meeting this Wednesday (10 clock) in Hamburg. Participants should receive according to the company the opportunity to sign a book of condolence, to commemorate the 150 victims of the worst crash in the company’s history.

After his first year in office, Lufthansa CEO Carsten Spohr has to explain to shareholders, among other things, why they do not receive dividends in 2014. Despite a constant turnover of 30 billion euros of the largest aviation group in Europe has made only a small profit of 55 million euros last year. Reasons for the weak performance include increased competitive pressures, rapidly rising pension costs and high costs for the continued non-enclosed pilot strike.

Spohr wants to expand the low-price segment under the umbrella brand “Euro Wings” and make the core brand Lufthansa an absolute premium supplier. On the agenda in addition to the reports of the Executive Board and the Supervisory Board some corporate actions and the election of a new Supervisory Board member. According to the proposal of the supervisory body of the Fresenius Chief Financial Officer Stephan Sturm (51) should be re-appointed as the successor of the retired financial manager Jacques Aigrain.

Volkswagen increases profits by 19 percent

09:52 clock: The world’s top carmaker, Volkswagen, is surprisingly good start to the 2015 financial year. Earnings after taxes rose in the first quarter compared to the same quarter last year by almost 19 percent to 2.9 billion euros, as VW announced in Wolfsburg on Wednesday. Sales also rose in the Wolfsburg-year by more than ten percent to 52.7 billion euros. Analysts had previously expected less strong numbers. The key figures for the first quarter showed that the Volkswagen Group “despite headwinds on track drives,” said VW CEO Martin Winterkorn.

The number of Volkswagen core brand improved compared to the first quarter of 2014. . Operating profit rose by 16.8 percent to 514 million euros as Volkswagen announced. One reason for this are the “positive effects” of the started of Winterkorn austerity program for the core brand. On the stock market the news came good at: The VW -Share sat down in the morning to the top of the German Stock Index (DAX) and increased by around one per cent zu.Der price of Volkswagen -Vorzugsaktie

Review: Twitter share crashes after disappointment with numbers from

This quarterly report the Twitter bosses will not soon forget , Almost an hour early leaked disappointing figures, at the end was almost one-fifth of the goodwill away. Here, the short message service had good news for its advertising business.

The short message service Twitter has investors deeply disappointed with its quarterly figures. The shares lost more than 18 percent on Tuesday after key figures were leaked prematurely. Twitter still is deep in the red. In the first quarter there was a loss of $ 162.4 million. Sales increased year on year by 74 percent to 436 million dollars. But Twitter thus missed both its own forecasts as well as analysts’ expectations. The forecast for 2015 was cut.

Twitter had to submit the figures ahead of schedule during the regular trading session because key figures were leaked about an hour early. Which specializes in tracking down information on the net company Selerity had published – ironically on Twitter. A similar coup Selerity had succeeded already in 2011 in Microsoft figures. At that time they had been put into the net early and discovered by the data hunters. Once again, a website of the stock exchange Nasdaq made a version of this report inadvertently found.

The Twitter share lost after the emergence of the first numbers nearly six percent. After that, she was suspended from trading and fell after the resumption properly from. After the decline of 18.18 percent to the final bell, it went down by 1.6 percent after trading again.

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