Thursday, April 30, 2015

The patriarch thinking in between: Piëch will not nieces VW supervisory board – NEWS


 Thursday, April 30, 2015


 The last orphan chairs on the VW board are filled. With immediate effect, Louise Kiesling and Julia Kuhn-Piëch be appointed as members. They occupy the places the couple Piëch. However, Ferdinand Piëch has something about it.



Following the resignation of the Volkswagen patriarch Ferdinand Piech and his wife Ursula the VW board has nominated two successors for the Supervisory Board. Louise Kiesling and Julia Kuhn-Piëch had been appointed by the District Court of Braunschweig with immediate effect as members of the Supervisory Board of Volkswagen AG, the Dax Group informed. According to information of the “Bild” newspaper but Piëch disagreed with the nomination of his two nieces.

According to the company the 57-year-old Louise Kiessling worked as a designer in Germany, Austria and the UK. Previously, she studied fashion design in Vienna and automotive design at the Royal College of Art in London. The shareholder and director of several business enterprises is the daughter of Ferdinand Piëch 2006 deceased sister Louise Daxler-Piëch.

34-year-old Julia Kuhn-Piëch is reported to have an independent property manager and belongs since 2014 to the Supervisory Board of MAN Truck & amp; Bus AG. She is a lawyer and graduated from the Technical University of Vienna to study in real estate and property management. Kuhn-Piëch is the daughter of Ferdinand Piëch’s younger brother Hans Michel Piëch.

Together with Annika Falkengren, the President and CEO of Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken (SEB) to sit on the capital side in future three women on the board of the Auto Group. The employees’ side has so far dispatched with Babette Fröhlich IG Metall only woman in the panel. Overall, the VW supervisory board has 18 members. Former IG Metall leader Berthold Huber will temporarily take over the management of the Supervisory Board until the election of a new chairman.

Piëch wants Experienced in the control panel

According to “Bild” newspaper, however, disagreed Piëch of Personnel and instead nominated the former Linde CEO Wolfgang Reitzle and the long-standing board member Brigitte Ederer Siemens as new Supervisory Board members. According to the Journal miss the event the 78-year-old’s lack of experience of the two women in the car industry.

With its contradiction Piëch industry insiders According to harm his own family because it denies them the ability. The designation is legally watertight. Volkswagen declined to comment on this report. On request of explained company spokesman Eric Felber, ordering the two Piëch-nieces there was nothing to add. The spokesman of the District Court of Braunschweig, Karl Jahnke, said that there was there no information indicating that the order was carried out by the Court will be challenged. The IG Metall declined to comment.

According to stock corporation law, each owner, the works council and the company itself court appointment of a supervisory board if a seat has become available in the Control Council. The company is the only even the duty to do so.

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Piëch had drawn the necessary conclusions from its defeat in the power struggle with CEO Martin Winterkorn at the weekend. He stepped down from the chair and members of the supervisory board of VW AG with immediate effect. His wife put all mandates reflected in the Volkswagen Group.

Open is the key of Personnel of the Supervisory Board. A preliminary decision for the top job of the inspectors are not personal but both. He is currently acting head out by the vice-chairman of the board Berthold Huber. The former head of the IG Metall will also manage the VW annual general meeting on May 5. The appointed as substitute members need now, it should not soon be regulated differently, the term of office of the couple on Piëch – that would be until spring 2017.

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