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Income study: Where people in Germany earn at least – THE WORLD

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Where for the same Job a lot more money

source: The world

Who can work with his job in different industry, has the ability to affect the amount of his salary. So an employee can earn depending on the industry, up to 25 percent above the average.

source: The world

the gap in The income in Germany is enormous, suspended, especially in the East. In the middle of a wolf deserves a Burger more than twice as much as a clerk in the Saxon ore mountains.

Wolfsburg the city with the highest wages in Germany, in the Erzgebirge circle of the people earning the least. This is evident from the answer of the Federal Ministry of social Affairs to a request from the Left.

Accordingly, the average gross monthly income in Wolfsburg at 4610 Euro, followed by Ingolstadt, 4545 euros, the Ludwigshafen, Germany, with 4491 Euro and Gain 4486 Euro. In the erzgebirgskreis district, the gross monthly remuneration is 2036 Euro. The penultimate place in the circle of Vorpommern-Rügen with 2057 Euro assigned, followed by the district Elbe-Elster 2060 and Görlitz with 2068 Euro.

Wolfsburg is the headquarters of the car company Volkswagen, Ingolstadt, Audi’s, in Ludwigshafen, Germany, chemical giant BASF has its headquarters. The Saxon Erzgebirge district is characterised by centuries-mining.

the Highest and lowest gross wage

The Left-deputies Sabine Zimmermann had asked for the four circles and circle-free cities with the lowest and the highest average Gross earnings per month. In Germany this is on average 3084 Euro. Has not been calculated the average, but the so-called median income, which shows what the deserve half of the population is a maximum and the other at least.

The income, life expectancy

The life expectancy depends on income. This was the result of the life insurance Zurich in a study. Accordingly, men with high wages are about eleven years older than low-wage earners.

source: The world

One explanation for the enormous differences, the uneven distribution of low-income earners. In the four cities with the highest income is only between 8 and 12 percent of low-income earners with less than two-thirds of the median wage. In the four counties and cities at the lower end of the scale, around every second is a low-income. Nationwide, there are 20 per cent.

“car costs half as much”

carpenter said: “in the face of significant regional wage differences may not be of equivalent living conditions in Germany.” A bogus argument, if the lower cost of living were cited in low-wage regions. “In the erzgebirgskreis district, a car, or shopping in the supermarket, the costs of course half less than in high-wage regions.”

The Federal government accused the Deputy Chairman of the left party, the goal of equivalent living conditions to have lost sight of. “It is a scandal that, in particular, the East is still suspended.” An essential key to a further approximation of the wages strengthening of collective agreements and collective bargaining coverage, the in the East is clearly weaker than in the West. “The Federal government is in the obligation, that not all tracts of land, and your people will be left behind.”


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