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Purchase of shares: Star investor Warren Buffett is increasing at a Apple –

share purchase: Star investor Warren Buffett is increasing at a Apple – Published: 16/05/2016 17:19

Share Purchase
Apple shares worth over one billion dollars has acquired investor Warren Buffett. Then the weeks since falling stock price rose. Apple CEO Tim Cook visited meanwhile China and India.

The date Apple rather critical set multi-billionaire Warren Buffett has gone through the investment company Berkshire Hathaway at Apple and has about 9.8 million shares with a value of just over one billion bought dollars. At Yahoo Buffett also has interest.

This is Buffett Although only 53 out of the largest Apple shareholders, but the investment is an important signal, because another major investor dropped out in late April: Carl Icahn has repelled his shares in Apple. The reason that the situation in the Chinese market, Icahn said Thursday the television channel CNBC. Authorities may “step in and make it very difficult for Apple, there to sell” , he said.

Icahn had announced the joining Apple in August 2013. Late last year he held shares worth about five billion dollars.

Warren Buffett, however had expressed in the past negative about Apple, saying that one can assess the future prospects of the company badly. Due to the massive price decline of Apple stock to him the commitment is likely to be but found it easier. The share price rose briefly after the announcement of Buffett’s entry by two percent. For shareholders that is but little comfort, because a price decline of about 15 percent was to complain in recent weeks.

Apple’s thirteen-year growth phase is interrupted. Sales, profits and iPhone sales have fallen. However, the Group continues to make a quarterly profit of 10.5 billion US dollars.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has traveled to China and met with app developers. Whether he also spoke with government representatives to reach an agreement on the closed iTunes movie and book store, is not known. Media effect he drove a taxi the travel service provider Didi Chuxing on which Apple has recently involved with a billion dollars.

Tim Cook as crisis managers in China and India

Cook wants to travel to India and meet with Prime Minister Narendra Modi after the China visit. India wants to thwart Apple’s plans, used and reconditioned iPhones for sale in order to increase its market share despite the low income in the subcontinent can. Apple House and Hofhersteller Foxconn plans to build a factory in India for ten billion dollars that will open in about 18 months and is expected to produce iPhones.

Apple intends to build a development center in Hyderabad, India, creating 150 jobs and invest around 25 million US dollars. It is the first self-founded development center outside the US Apple. (Ad)

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