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Global economy – corruption, the greatest scourge of humanity – Sü

She takes chances prevents growth and destroys economies. If there is a good moment to fight corruption, then he is now.

Can we make about corruption Jokes ? Especially, if you are not above suspicion themselves? If you are a statesman and therefore would influence to change things? The UK did, two days before the Anti-Corruption Summit, to which he received representatives from 40 countries and NGOs in London on Thursday.

It was on that day cute stood together in a stucco decorated hall of Buckingham -Palasts, the Queen was there, even the Archbishop of Canterbury. David Cameron reported a translucent glass in hand, from the most recent meeting of his Cabinet. The preparation of the summit run, which will an interesting thing. High politicians from “incredibly corrupt countries” have announced themselves, including representatives from “Nigeria and Afghanistan, the most corrupt countries in the world.” The men traveled but hopefully at their own expense, asked one, general merriment, what you just chatters on such occasions. However, normally closed to the public, but here at the touch of a microphone – the video circulating on the network

Cameron backbites anticorruption meeting Cameron on camera

In an interview with the Queen, the British Prime enthusiastically about the visit from “incredibly corrupt countries”. Nigerian President calls in its reaction no excuse, but money.

corruption makes ill States

If the already starts to be some might think, the whole conference do not help, window dressing of the powerful. But it would be fatal if it came that way. Because the fight against corruption has undeniably get a boost, since Papers has been revealed by the Panama as move some of this world money, sometimes legally, sometimes illegally, but always in secret. This thrust is most welcome, because it is here to one of the greatest scourges of humanity in general, a “cancer,” as the US Secretary of State John Kerry said in London.

It is now known that for poverty in the world, including Africa, hardly a circumstance is as crucial as corrupt structures. According to new figures from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) eats corruption from 1.3 to 1.75 trillion euros per year; that weakens the global growth of around two percent. Corruption deprives the States tax money, it contributes to social inequality and discourages investment. Corruption makes countries ill.

At the same time the purchase and self-bribe-Let one of the oldest practices in the world. Even in the 20th century constitutional states working safely together with corrupt regimes and spending millions in development aid, knowing that the money would not arrive for the most part the people in need. The German export industry was up front, and they could actually make bribes as business expenses against tax. So that was then. And corruption is not even in this country an everyday phenomenon? Cleaners, Moonlighting, tax documents, you know the terms and reasoning.

Cameron corruption jokes are a stage win

It is indeed difficult to describe corruption exactly. The United Nations advised on a definition, because the views of Member States are too different. to advance the debate is all the more important. Britain, where money laundering through real estate purchase is a big issue will introduce a register in which foreign companies must disclose their holdings in England. There, the name of the real owner must be mentioned, not any companies from tax havens – a good thing. However, Britain must then include his overseas territories, where the billions are stashed. And the United States, whose foreign minister can be so beautiful talk would have to undertake to make their letterbox factories around on the east coast transparent. . This will be a long battle

If the Germans have some reservations, that does not mean that they want to fight corruption less sharp; On the contrary, you are the corruption ranking as even better than the UK. But Germany has a different understanding of privacy. Who that land belongs and which company, let not anyone can see that simple, as well as tax returns, unlike in some countries, is confidential. In the company one speaks also not happy about what earned the one and what the other. These traditions can be taken into account and still come to more transparency. And that’s the point. The most important thing now is that the push towards greater transparency must not lose momentum. After all, much has already been done. That David Cameron makes about jokes, shows that he has identified the problem. This is a stage win.

International Monetary Fund What corruption and money laundering to cost the earth

to two percentage decreases global growth power through corruption, accuses the IMF. That London was the “money-laundering capital” of the world, Prime Minister David Cameron does not want to accept now.


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